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Our Purpose


Our mission is to make Moissanite jewelry a timeless symbol of true love. Our primary goal is to provide client satisfaction and creativity at the most affordable and nominal rates possible. Furthermore, our mission is to provide high-quality jewelry products, services, and solutions while providing more value to our customers, earning their respect and loyalty.


Our Journey


From beginning to end, we design each piece with intention.


All components are handcrafted and assembled in our home country of India.


The stones are sourced from all over the world and hand-picked to ensure the highest quality and cut.


We work with skilled artisans to bring you one-of-a-kind pieces, and we consider taking pride in our craftsmanship.


We used to produce various materials ranging from 925 Sterling Silver to Gold. Every beaded bracelet is individually handcrafted, and every stone in our pieces is set by hand.


Our jewelry is genuinely about the woman who wears it and the man who wears it. We want you to feel confident and beautiful at all times, so we design various pieces to assist you.


We are honored and grateful that you have chosen to support our company.

Thank you for joining the Tezcreation family!



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